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Crowdfunding on measurement mast Saint Saturnin du Bois


With the launch of the wind project in 2019, Eurocape and the municipality of Saint Saturnin du Bois have set up a crowdfunding campaign for the installation and maintenance of the wind measurement mast on site.


A public audience held on Saturday February 27th allowed the inhabitants of the municipality to be informed about the opportunity of such crowdfunding. This operation is open to residents of the commune of Aunis-Sud, of the Charente-Maritime department, as well as to those of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region - with preferential interest rates.


The financing phase opened on Monday March 1st, and the initial objective of €70,000 was reached within 48 hours!

The crowdfund limits have been increased - only for residents of the Aunis-Sud commune - up to €100,000, and until March 31st.


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