Parc éolien de Ids

Parc éolien de Ids

The Ids-Saint-Roch and Touchay wind farm is located in the communes of Ids-Saint-Roch and Touchay in the Cher. Developed by EuroCape New Energy France, the park is currently under construction. It will save around 12 870 tonnes of CO2 a year and provide clean electricity for the needs of 14 000 households each year.

The wind farm:


  • 5 Nordex N131 - 3.0 and 1 Nordex N 117 3.0

  • Height of the mast: 99 m

  • Rotor diameter: 117 and 131 m

  • Total capacity of the fleet: 18 MW

  • Commissioning of the park: at the end of construction